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Investor Relations > Shareholder Information > Dividend Policy & Payment

The Company and its subsidiary are, according to the Company and its subsidiary's circumstances from time to time, to declare dividend in an appropriate rate, considering their performance, financial standing, and economic conditions. The payment rate shall not be less than 40 percent but not more than 70 percent, for the Company of the payable amount arising after the Company and its subsidiary have, for each fiscal year, incurred net profit from operation, and duly complied with applicable laws, Articles of Association as well as fulfilled all of their obligations, except for the Company and its subsidiary require to utilize any part or all of such payables on investment to generate higher income. This payment, in any event, shall be subject to the Company and its subsidiary's Articles of Association, prohibiting them from paying any dividend from other monies than profit. Additionally, where the Company and its subsidiary incur accumulated losses, no dividend shall be paid.

Unless otherwise stipulated, dividend shall be paid according to the number of shares held (equally for each share), under the approval from a shareholders' meeting. However, the Company and its subsidiary might, from time to time, pay interim dividend to the shareholders as their profits are deemed adequate for such purpose, and, if so, report the same to the shareholders in their next meeting.

However, the Board of Directors might decide otherwise, or amend the said Policy from time to time, provided that such decision is made for the shareholders' best interest and under approval from the shareholders' meeting.

The following are dividends that the Company has paid to its shareholders:

Year Dividend per share (Baht) Dividend Payout Ratio (%)
2017 1.48 69.90%
2016 1.40 69.71%
2015 1.35 69.80%
2014 1.30 68.18%
2013 1.00 70.65%
2012 1.00 69.37%
2011 0.88 69.79%
2010 0.58 68.89%
2009 0.54 69.42%
2008 0.50 69.12%
2007 0.35 67.89%
2006 0.60 47.11%
2005 0.60 50.13%